Counter Strike Portable

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Game Description :
Counter Strike Portable Take out your opponents with precision in this web version of CS. Press ESC to enter the Menu, add bots and players to start. Go to Settings to toggle fullscreen Controls: Movement [WASD] keys or Arrow keys Crouch ‘X’ key Walk Left Shift Jumping Spacebar Shooting Left Mouse Button Quick Stab (knife only) Left Mouse Button Fatal Stab (knife only) Right Mouse Button Scope Sniper Rifle Right Mouse Button Reloading ‘R’ key Select Primary Weapon ‘1’ key Select Pistol ‘2’ key Select Knife ‘3’ Key Select Grenades ‘4’ key Select Bomb ‘5’ key Quick Selection Mouse Scroll Plant Bomb Hold Left Mouse Button Deactivate Bomb Hold ‘E’ key Heal Player Cut (yes, with the knife!) the player you wish to heal. Open Door Press ‘E’ key Rescue Hostage Press ‘E’ key Chat Press ‘Y’ then type in your message. Press ‘Enter’ to send Weapon Shop ‘B’ key Drop Gun ‘G’ key Toggle Flashlight ‘F’ key Menu ‘M’ key Spray Clan Tag ‘T’ key